About Us

After COVID -19 Outbreak , World is moving towards the new normalization with the high technology ,Big data, Self-driven and Distant business . Global travel foot prints enriched with the digitalization and travel with ease concepts.

The Big Space and vacuum is created in the travel perceptions through traveler’s finger tips and Information communication Technology (ICT). Due to the social distancing, Travelers make their Accessibility, Accommodation, Attractions, Activities and Amenities through eco system of digital devices.

The great opportunity is there to create mobile app for travelers to make their requirement in the eco system of digital devices. The App Journey Encompasses all travelers requirement within their fingertips though all kinds of electronic devices .It is high time to grab the combined opportunity Technology Industry and Tourism Industry.

Our Motive

In the process of decision making of the customer and business, the most vital factor is the reliability and the accuracy of information. At present, the world is moving towards digitization, and hence, more data can be collected. Nevertheless, finding accurate information is a challenge to all Stakeholders in the sector. Organizations and Customers prefer to maintain efficiency, effectiveness and productivity at all times; thus, the foundation for service delivery depends on reliable and accurate data.

This business finds solutions for reliable and accurate data for service delivery in Sri Lanka's tourism promotion. Hence, focus is given to reliable and accurate data in the mobile application, as well as reimagining productive longevity, mismatches, missed matches and mindsets.

Thus, providing information and Traveler’s services over the web and mobile application will make them available to a larger section of general public. Therefore, all possible measures wil be taken to make services accessible to the travellers without discrimination over ethnicity, language, religion, gender, for differently-abled persons, or based on geographical location, time or economic levels. It is essential that all travelers including differently-abled persons should be taken into account while devising integrated solutions.

Secondly, mobile application will also improve transparency by allowing the travelers to monitor the mandate of the organization, functionality and Customer satisfaction, decision-making processes, and the progress of a process at different stages, while clearly informing them of the type and quality of services they obtain.

Efficacy is also an important factor. It is important that the services provided by The Journey using mobile App meet and exceed traveler's expectations. The efficacy at which these services are offered should be a key factor that determines the quality of the services provided through using mobile App.

Efficiency in services is also an important factor. Services should be available to the public within the minimum possible time. A concept popular in integrated solutions is that of 'same-day service', where a service requested by a Customer in the morning should be made available before the end of the same day. Although it is difficult to expect this level of delivery from every service from inception, The Journey is expected to provide traveler services efficiently so that the public is not made to wait for the services requested.

Further, in providing information and services, organization should establish a traveler-centric approach instead of a traditional organisation-centric approach. To do so, Service providers should reengineer their processes to convert the Service providers to 'one-stop-shops', making their services Traveler-friendly.Traverlers should be able to then obtain services through submitting minimum necessary supporting documents and visiting a minimum number of organizations.

Interoperability is also a fact of concern. Service providers should ensure,that these are interoperable - enabling electronic data sharing and data exchange between different systems - throughout all Service providers and also with the industry and other key sectors.

Also, all Service providers should preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information within their purview. This entails that citizens should have the assurance that Service provider information is shared only among authorized persons or organisations, that the information is authentic and complete and can be relied on for the purpose for which it is needed, and also that it is accessible when needed by those who need it. This area is further addressed in the company’s Information Security Policy.

Accountability also plays a vital role here. Service Proverders should be accountable towards the travelers and for the services provided, so as to foster confidence in travelers in the use of such services and in interacting with Service providers

Our Services

The concept behind The Journey is to Create Travel Documentary foot prints in Travel, Explore and Conquer segement . The Journey is an App which brings Customers and Businesses bring to one platform to create Virtual Reality (AR) ,Augmented Reality (AR) and Agility. An exploration into the wonders of the Globe where travellers can experience the realm of exotic sights, sounds and flavours. Experience the vastness of Destination’s culture, conquering the unique terrain of the land with hiking, rafting and trekking. Travel with the Journey on this quest to this beautiful experience and let the journey be the traveller’s guide as the journey sets sights on the marvels of the desitnation old and new. Explore Travel and Conquer. Because in the end, it's not the destination. It's the journey.